A2X for Accountants/Accounting Firms
Do you have clients selling on Amazon? Do you want to focus on your client's business rather than being bogged down by the administration or data entry that is generated by your clients selling in Amazon Marketplaces? If so, A2X is right for your accounting firm!

What Problem Has A2X Solved?

A major time drain on any e-commerce accounting firm who has Amazon seller clients is reconciling Amazon sales invoices.

A2X solves this problem by automatically sorting and aggregating your Amazon transaction data and slotting it into cloud accounting systems such as Xero or QuickBooks Online. You end up with accurate, reconciled financial records every month, without wasting your time.

"A2X's capability is unique in that it maps to the Amazon Settlement statements and matches exactly to the money deposited into the ecommerce businesses bank account. They even split invoices for settlements that span the end of the month so you have accurate financials by month for their Amazon sales."
Scott Scharf
Owner of Catching Clouds LLC
When it comes to doing bookkeeping for Amazon sellers, A2X is our non-negotiable tool. In a way, you could say our firm wouldn't be here if it weren't for A2X. The tool takes one of the biggest challenges of Amazon finances and solves it so efficiently and so reliably, that we were able to build a business model around it. That's how special and powerful this software is.
Jeremiah Kovacs
Owner of MuseMinded

How Will A2X Benefit Your Clients?

Complex accounting processes are automated

You will have more time to focus on big-picture work with clients rather than data entry and manual processes.

A2X can be customized

Individual Amazon sellers can have the level of detail they require to run their business effectively. Accurate monthly data will enable clients to make good business decisions.

Complex tax is accurately posted

Real tax issues are avoided, your clients will not end up paying too much or too little tax.

Clients will benefit from international Amazon accounting

A2X handles worldwide sales, foreign currency and exchange details. It enables monthly financials to break down income by country, so your clients can see where their sales are coming from, and A2X posts transactions so that currencies are converted automatically.

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Who is Using A2X?

Accounting outsource firm Catching Clouds provides outsourced ecommerce accounting services for online businesses. We are experts in ecommerce businesses, their world and technology, and the accounting they need to manage their businesses. We are the accounting department for ecommerce businesses. We Speak Ecommerce.

MuseMinded's sole mission is to empower Amazon sellers to conquer the financial corner of their businesses, so they can build their ideal lifestyle. Through do-it-yourself courses or done-for-you services, we will help you streamline and master all of the core processes of running your ecommerce finances.

ECOM CPA is a boutique firm that specializes in Accounting and Taxation of E-Commerce Businesses. Our primary services include CFO/Controller Services and Tax Planning/Preparation. We work closely with our clients to help them truly understand their financial statements and tax implications using Xero, A2X and other technology.

The Digital CPA is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their potential. With specialist Xero accountants in Orlando, The Digital CPA focuses on delivering accounting services, solutions and innovations to small/medium businesses.

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How A2X Works

A2X automatically fetches your Amazon settlements

When Amazon creates a new settlement file, A2X automatically fetches it, crunches the data and generates a summary of the revenue, expenses and other transactions.

You can configure A2X to summarize sales by SKU, by product type, to group all sales together or to group by country.

A2X posts summarized transactions to Xero or QuickBooks Online

A2X generates invoices or journals from each settlement and posts them to your cloud accounting system, either automatically or at your command. You can select the ledger accounts and tax rates that apply to each type of Amazon transaction.

When the settlement payments from Amazon appear in your bank account, you can easily reconcile with the A2X settlement postings.

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Watch How A2X Works

View our short video showing how A2X imports settlements from Amazon, summarizes the transactions and posts them as invoices to Xero for reconciliation to the Amazon deposits to your bank account.