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A2X for Accountants & Bookkeepers
Do you have clients that sell on Amazon or Shopify?
A2X will help make your Amazon and Shopify accounting accurate and easy.
Eliminate manual Amazon and Shopify bookkeeping and data entry.
More time to focus on big-picture strategy with clients.

How do I qualify to be an A2X Partner

Here at A2X we want to work with you but of course we need to have some prerequisites in place to ensure we are a good fit with you and your firm:

  1. Are you an accounting/bookkeeping/advisory firm who works with Amazon and Shopify seller customers?
  2. Have you at at least 1 person in your firm prepared to complete the 'Introduction to A2X' training and be our point of contact?
  3. Have you an Amazon or Shopify seller client who wants to use A2X?
  4. Are you happy to work with us and actively promote A2X to existing and potential clients?

If so...

Join the partner program for accounting and bookkeeping firms and unlock rewards as you grow. Enjoy free training, a free trial, priority support, bulk discounts, and exclusive marketing opportunities. Enquire now and we will get back to very soon.
Enquire about becoming an A2X partner

Amazon Marketplaces Across The Globe

Detects, imports and aggregates Amazon marketplace transactions
Posts summary amounts to Xero / QuickBooks

"A great service that provides a great time savings, increases accuracy, and enables a clearer picture of financial results for Amazon sellers"

How Will A2X Benefit Your Clients?

Accurate Reconciliation

A2X will reconcile down to the penny month after month and year after year

Settlement History

A2X can load settlement history as far back as Amazon and Shopify allows. A clean set of books can be achieved for your clients

Accounting Expertise

Demonstrate your Amazon and Shopify accounting expertise by setting up a free trial for potential clients quickly and easily

Easy Client Management

Group your staff into teams and assign these teams to your A2X subscriptions

Full Visibility

A2X allows easy full visibility of all the fees that Amazon and Shopify is charging, including storage, transportation, commissions and delivery

Accurate International Marketplace Accounting

A2X posts foreign currency transactions correctly and adjusts for local sales taxes. With A2X your clients can expand internationally with confidence

Customize your A2X.

Map Amazon/Shopify transactions to your preferred chart of accounts and then choose the level of aggregation. Customise it for as many clients as you like

Partner Program.

Join the free A2X partner program to help your business grow: Training, Priority Support, Partner Pricing, Co-Marketing Opportunities

Check out what our users have to say about A2X

"A great service that provides a great time savings, increases accuracy, and enables a clearer picture of financial results for Amazon sellers"
Challen Edwards
Principal, Holland Solutions LLC.
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The A2X Partner Program

The program has a range of benefits to help you get started with A2X and to help you promote your accounting firm

Immediate benefits

Free Training

You will receive training on the basic operation of A2X and advanced use of A2X within an accounting firm.

Priority Support

We want to make working with A2X easy for you and your customers. As a trusted A2X Partner, you will have access to fast and efficient support from our A2X support team.

Free A2X Marketing Collateral

We have a range of marketing collateral that will help you pitch A2X to your clients.

Dedicated Partner Account Manager

Our goal is to provide our partners with an exceptional experience and one of the ways we do this is by providing you with your own A2X Account Manager. Enjoy a prompt and accurate service.


Volume Discounts

The program offers volume discounts across all A2X price plans to partner accounting firms. The more subscriptions you have the bigger the discounts.


Engage with us in co-marketing activities such as blogs, case studies, international meetups and webinars.

Listing in A2X's Expert Directory

Become part of partner referral page. This page is used by Amazon and Shopify sellers throughout the world to find accountants who understand the complex challenges of Amazon/Shopify accounting.

The A2X Expert Badge

Display the A2X expert badge to show the Amazon/Shopify seller community you know all about Amazon/Shopify accounting!

Free Web Marketing Review

Have a member of the A2X marketing team review the relevant parts of your website.

Who is Using A2X

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