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Who are we?

ALTON is a business consulting & service company helping foreign companies with their market entry in the US since 2005. We mainly focus on German speaking clients, however, we have clients from all over the world including India, South America, Asia etc. Since 2014 we are focused on e-commerce sellers, especially Amazon sellers, helping them to get started with Besides our consulting services, we offer several tailor-made services for Amazon sellers. One of these is the bookkeeping service that includes sales tax administration to meet all requirements. We do register our clients with the necessary FBA States and file their ongoing tax returns in these states. Most international sellers have no idea what to do when it comes to sales tax. We help our clients to get an understanding of the end to end process, which steps to follow, and how to become compliant with their tax liabilities and filings.

Where and who are our customers?

ALTON helps german speaking and international companies enter the US Market. With our offices in Germany, Europe and the USA, we are able to assist small and midsize e-commerce sellers operating on

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