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Who are we?

Sleek enables entrepreneurs and investors to incorporate their company and manage their corporate, accounting and tax compliance online.

Incorporate a company in Singapore or Hong Kong 100% remotely, file requests to your company secretary 24/7, and manage your company through a secure online portal. Sleek is an ACRA-certified Filing Agent, member of the Singapore Corporate Secretary Association and affiliated with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

Sleek is a Xero Platinum Partner in Asia and the recipient of Xero's Emerging Partner Award for 2019 in Singapore!

Where and who are our customers?

To date, Sleek has assisted more than 2,000 companies with their projects from tiny consulting shops, to sub-divisions of MNCS, and prominent startups. We work with ecommerce sellers on Amazon, Shopify and Ebay who hail from all over the world to Singapore and Hong Kong with business activities are as diverse as their nationalities. We deliver accounting and tax support to our clients through Xero which provides a beautiful customer experience thanks to integrations with many of Singapores banks and our own secure Sleek portal.

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