A2X vs. Webgility: which one is better for your ecommerce accounting?

Automating your ecommerce accounting has numerous benefits. Getting software to crunch your numbers is more accurate, reliable and it frees up your time to invest elsewhere.

In order to get accurate, reliable numbers, you need the same from your technology. So, where do you begin?

In this article, we take a look at some of the main advantages that, according to customer reviews, A2X offers ecommerce sellers. So, whether you sell on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart (or a combination of these), read on to find out why A2X is your best bet.

1. A2X uses the settlement accounting method

A2X streamlines your accounting. Rather than handling individual transactions, it groups them into batches, giving you a breakdown of all the sales and expense lines that make up one settlement payout.

Once integrated with your accounting software and ecommerce platform, A2X intercepts your financial data, organizes it and posts it in journals that match your bank deposits.

Without A2X, you would need to manually reconcile these individual transactions. How much did you pay in fees, receive in reimbursements or collect in sales tax? It may not be so bad for fifty orders a month, but imagine what will happen as you grow.

When you have settlements that span two months, A2X splits these transactions into separate invoices and journal entries. In this way, when it comes to tracking cash flow and monthly performance, most of the work is done for you accurately and automatically.

“When I started my Amazon business I was worried how I was going to be able to keep track of every transaction and put them into my books. With just a click A2X does that for me. It saves time and it is very easy to use.” - Michelle S.
“What first caught my eye was the way the journal entry broke down every amount of the Amazon settlement. I was creating my own JE to account for the activity and could never achieve the detail that A2X displays.” - Caroline D.

2. Tailored pricing that evolves to suit your business

Here at A2X, we understand that every business and business owner is different. Different not just in what you sell and how, but your vision for the future of your business, and the support you need from your technology to get there.

Our pricing structure reflects this. First, you choose your ecommerce platform. Then, you have a unique set of subscription offers that you can choose from. This allows you to start small and grow. Or, if you are part way through your journey, A2X can meet you there too. Here’s what our customers think:

“Low cost… wouldn’t be without it now.” - Michael J.
“...with A2X, I'm able to do my own accurate booking keeping which saves me thousands of dollars a year!” - Kimberly H.

3. Expert support teams available globally

A2X does one thing extremely well. Our support teams are located across the globe and are experts in their specific fields, both in accounting and technology. Get personalized, qualified support whenever and wherever you need it, without time zone issues. Here’s what our customers have to say:

“I love their customer service. They've easily answered every question and always have the answer I'm looking for. It's great!” - Leeann H.
“We especially like the customer service and how focused they are on helping to manage the software to make sure it is running smoothly and effectively… a must have for an ecommerce business!” - Matthew S.

4. Reliable software you can trust to work

A2X is consistent and reliable across all channels. Whether you use Shopify, Amazon, eBay or Walmart, A2X performs 100% of the time. The purpose of A2X is to help you work smarter not harder, so it is designed to need minimal maintenance, an area in which we consistently rank high. This is what our customers have said:

“It's so nice to have confidence that our accounting is done correctly when using A2X with our Amazon sales. This has really been a lifesaver to us.” - Kevin A.
“No kinks or problems that kept me up hours trying to figure out. I will utilize A2X forever.” - Kimberly A.
“Once A2X is set up it runs like a dream.” - Aziz T.

5. Easy to set up and use

With a huge range of up-to-date tutorials, guides and support on hand if you need it, getting set up with A2X is very easy. With just a few steps to integrate your platforms, as soon as you connect, your data begins to download and organize automatically. With a few customization settings to configure, and related guides here for each platform, you’ll be up and running in no time.

“The setup is 'front-loaded', so once that's done; it's set it and forget it... When I can simply log in, click "Send to Xero" and that's it? How great is that.” - Georg D.
“This software is so USER FRIENDLY! I can't imagine running my business any other way. Everything is in order for my accountant.” - Mark B.

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All reviews of A2X used here are from verified users on Capterra.