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Why use A2X?

Let A2X take care of the Amazon and Shopify transaction data entries so your accountant can use this accurate information to focus on profitability.

  • Accurate Reconciliation
    A2X will reconcile down to the penny month after month and year after year
  • Settlement history
    A2X can load settlement history as far back as Amazon allows. A clean set of books can be achieved
  • Full visibility
    A2X allows easy full visibility of all the fees that Amazon is charging, including storage, transportation, commissions and delivery
  • Accurate international marketplace accounting
    A2X posts foreign currency transactions correctly and adjusts for local sales taxes. With A2X you can expand your business internationally with confidence
  • Customise your A2X
    Map Amazon transactions to your preferred chart of accounts and then choose the level of aggregation.

Amazon Marketplaces Across The Globe


A2X supports these Amazon marketplaces

Detects, imports and aggregates Amazon marketplace transactions
Posts summary amounts to Xero / QuickBooks Online

"A great service that provides a great time savings, increases accuracy, and enables a clearer picture of financial results for Amazon sellers"

A2X makes it easy for Amazon merchants and their accountants to account accurately and reliably for their Amazon sales, saving time every month.

Why use A2X for Shopify?

Summarized vs Individual order import

As your Shopify store grows, importing each order into your accounting system clogs your accounting system and makes reconciling to your bank account a nightmare. A2X generates summarised statements tied to each payout summary, ensuring penny perfect reconciliation each month.

Save hours of reconciling each month

Never waste another minute manually reconciling your Shopify payouts and pulling out your fee, refund or adjustment data. A2X automates that manual process into a few button clicks each month, turning what took hours into a few seconds.

Bridge the data gap for accurate bookkeeping

A2X brings through and allocates all your stores data into your accounting system to ensure your business has reliable and accurate financial data you can rely on.

"If you're not using A2X for Amazon Accounting you're doing it wrong!"

Some users are saying A2X is saving them 20 hours every month. You can see it on the Xero app marketplace reviews or the QuickBooks Online app reviews.

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