May 2022 Updates

May 2022 Updates

Partner Dashboard improvements!

  • A2X partners now have the ability to collapse and expand all sections within their dashboard

“Are you sure” pop up before you send duplicates!

  • For users who attempt to re-send an entry already posted to their accounting system, A2X will now have an ‘are you sure” pop up appear before sending the entry. This will help avoid the cases of having duplicate (or triplate) entries in your accounting system and will ensure your financials are accurate!

Improved new mapping page for users who need to manually map their accounts and taxes! 

  • New instructions have been added to the setup slides located at the top of the page, including steps 1, 2 & 3 to help complete the mapping.
  • We have also added a blue auto-setup button to pre-fill the accounts column with our A2X default chart of accounts.
  • Last but not least a ‘copy mapping’ tool has been added so you can copy the mapping from an existing A2X account to a new A2X account.

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