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The Catching Clouds Academy

Catching Clouds is a leader in ecommerce accounting and was a very early adopter of A2X. They are valued and trusted A2X partner and a great team to work with.

Knowing that their future clients needed the right help to stay in business long enough to become their clients - in October 2017, Catching Clouds officially launched Catching Clouds Academy. It provides online training for ecommerce sellers and their accountants.

The Accounting for Amazon course ($399) is for you if you're using Xero or QuickBooks Online to track Amazon sales, either in the US or internationally. The course discusses the specific challenges Amazon sellers face regarding sales tax and how to quickly and painlessly know if you're profitable using the right tools.

The course also covers all the ins and outs of inventory and cost of goods sold, including how to select the right cloud inventory tool for your business and how to calculate cost of goods sold accurately.

Not just the why and what but also the elusive HOW.

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Amazon Accounting Academy

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