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As an online seller, you need the freedom to focus on what you do best. Getting bogged down in the numbers isn’t the way to go BUT the numbers don’t just disappear if you look away. At VM Wasek, our vision is to help Shopify and Amazon sellers streamline and understand their finances so they can make the most of doing what they love. We’ll craft a roadmap to meet your desired goals. We’ll recommend solutions including A2X setup and integration, one-on-one coaching and training, cleaning up and catching up your books, and monthly e-commerce accounting services.

Does that sound anything like YOUR vision? Are you ready to pull together all the pieces of success so you can finally take your business to new heights? I was hoping you’d say that! It’s going to be an amazing journey to the top!

Who Are We?

The team at VM Wasek is here to support you so your online business can flourish. We’re more than bean counters, we’re strategic partners and creative problem-solvers ready to help you set up, organize, and streamline your finances so you can be profitable and sustainable without taking your eyes off your genius zone.  We developed a new approach to working with clients – going beyond the once a year relationship and focusing on solving business problems, adding value, and serving the day-to-day needs of our partners.  Today we serve Shopify and Amazon sellers, helping their businesses flourish so they can focus on what they do best.

Where And Who Are Our Customers?

We specialize in US-based Shopify and Amazon sellers who are ready to grow and who have annual revenues greater than $300,000.

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