Should I sell my FBA business now or later?

If you are considering whether to sell your successful FBA business, here are a few questions to help clarify your intentions:

  • How much enjoyment am I getting out of the business? Does it feel like a chore, or would I be happy to continue managing the business?
  • Why am I considering selling the business? Are there more interesting projects that I’m working on, or do I just need the money?
  • Is the business at a point where it is attractive for buyers, or does it need some work to be presentable?
  • Are there systems in place that make operating the business a breeze?
  • Is the business growing? If not, then it will probably require some work before offering to buyers (if you want to get top dollar).

At the end of the day, this is a personal decision, and you alone are the best person to make this decision with respect to your personal situation. Factors that might influence this decision can range from financial to personal well-being. Some people sell their Amazon business to purchase an investment property, creating a stable (albeit smaller) cashflow to live from.

It is important to consider the timing of when to sell your business. If it is highly seasonal, selling before Christmas (or whenever your high season is) can be a great bargaining chip, as it puts pressure on buyers to close the deal before the high season begins. For seasonal businesses, it can be a good idea to sell the business after a few years of operation - so that you have reliable sales data, and can present the seasonal trends to potential buyers as part of the sales pitch.