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We use Google Accounts to control access to A2X because Google's security is excellent and most users already have a Google account. Google accounts offer a number of important features for modern web applications: strong password protection, 2-factor authentication, multiple-account management.

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Anyone can create a Google account using either a free email address, or their email address.

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Nothing personal about your Google account is available to A2X or shared. Only your email address is used by A2X - and we promise we won't send you any spam!

Are Google accounts secure?

Very. Google themselves claim: "Your Google Account is protected by the most advanced online security". You should use a strong unique password, and enable 2-factor authentication for maximum security.

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A2X is an automated cloud-based service used by Amazon merchants to import their Amazon sales and fee transactions and to post summarized transactions to Xero or QuickBooks accounting systems. A2X is developed by ExportX.

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