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Can I use my own email address? Or my company email address?

Yes absolutely! Google accounts are just like Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can create one with any email address you like, you don't need to use a Gmail address. Find out more in our support article here.

Why Sign in with Google?

We use Google Accounts to control access to A2X because Google's security is excellent and most users already have a Google account. Google accounts offer a number of important features for modern web applications: strong password protection, 2-factor authentication, multiple-account management.

What if I don't have a Google account?

Anyone can create a Google account using either a free email address, or their email address.

What information does Google share with A2X?

Nothing personal about your Google account is available to A2X or shared. Only your email address is used by A2X - and we promise we won't send you any spam!

Are Google accounts secure?

Very. Google themselves claim: "Your Google Account is protected by the most advanced online security". You should use a strong unique password, and enable 2-factor authentication for maximum security.

A2X is the only tool of its kind

The fact that A2X takes a task that would normally take 20 to 30 mins to complete and brings it to 5 mins or less, us and our clients to concentrate on others tasks to grow our business.
Jeremiah K

If you're not using A2X for Amazon Accounting you're doing it wrong!

Easy to use and immediately saw the value. Splitting Amazon deposits between months was a brutal exercise and now A2X handles it all. A2X & Xero is a no-brainer tech stack for any Amazon seller.
Catherine F
HPC Accounting