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Who Are We?

We work with many Amazon and Online sellers in all states to help minimize taxes and build wealth. Our team uses A2X daily to sync to QuickBooks Online and leverage the financial data for advising, forecasting, and tax planning throughout the year – making sure your tax savings are on-track before Dec 31st. We look at: Should you be taxed as an S Corporation? Are you avoiding unnecessary payroll tax? Are you maxing out retirement instead of sitting on excess cash? Do you have state sales or income tax Nexus? These and other important questions we identify with you throughout the year, so that we can assure that our ongoing CPA services are helping you minimize taxes as you grow your online sales. Find out why we’ve earned a Top 3 Accounting Firm Ranking, and a 4 Star rating on Google. Check out our 90+ valued customer reviews on Google and Yelp. Contact us to talk about your CPA needs and financial goals.

Where And Who Are Our Customers?

As a licensed Certified Public Accounting Firm – based in Austin, TX – our dedicated team members strive every day to deliver utmost professionalism and ethical standards to be the trusted CPA on your advisory team.

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