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"A2X is a fantastic solution to reduce the admin and pain with Amazon marketplace data. The support is first class and Ashley was very quick to address queries that we had when getting the first batch of data completed. I'd highly recommend this for anyone with sales on Amazon as the price point is very competitive."

image Niall McGinnity
Xero Chartered Accountant. Belfast, Northern Ireland.

"A2X's capability is unique in that it maps to the Amazon Settlement statements and matches exactly to the money deposited into the ecommerce businesses bank account. They even split invoices for settlements that span the end of the month so you have accurate financials by month for their Amazon sales."

image Scott Scharf
Owner of Catching Clouds LLC

"It literally takes me less than 5 minutes to reconcile an Amazon statement and accept it in Xero. As we all know how valuable our time is, the monthly cost is just a no-brainer."

image Georg de Gorostiza
Co-founder & CEO; Click-A-Brick Toys LLC

"A2X makes my Amazon reconciliation a cinch. I simply login every couple weeks and process the pending invoices, which get sent right over to Xero - it takes less than 2 minutes with A2X, and would take hours otherwise. Worth every penny for the time I save."

image Bill DAlessandro
Elements Brands

"A great service that provides a great time savings, increases accuracy, and enables a clearer picture of financial results for Amazon sellers"

image Challen Edwards
Principal, Holland Solutions LLC

"I would absolutely recommend A2X - I hope the word gets out there more, so other people like me wouldn't have to spend as much time as I did looking for a better way to do my Amazon accounting."

image Nick Losciuto
Compatible Parts

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"A2X service is no doubt a great one saving much time for me and my accountant. The invoice is way easier to come in Xero through A2X. As a business, we usually have the regular business situations where we need to recheck the transactions and review its integrity. But when it comes to Amazon records, at first we were worried so we reviewed the invoices processed by A2X for a possible mistakes. Now, we hardly ever go back to recheck. So much time and efforts are saved!"

image Amjad Safa
1 Nov 2016

"We used to burn up so much man power keeping the books lined up with Amazon. It was easily the most dreaded task in the office. Now we can keep the Amazon settlements up to date and accurate by only spending a few minutes a month on it! Oh and did I mention that their customer service is truly incredible? I've bene operating an ecommerce business since 2001 and these guys have blown all other services out of the water! Give these guys a try. You won't regret it!"

image iap123
7 May 2017

"Excellent add on - Effortless piece of kit one you've sorted the mappings out, spend minutes rather than hours, well worth the money and I would recommend this software!"

image Ben Allen
8 Dec 2016

"I have been searching for a way to accurately account for our Amazon settlements. This tool does exactly that, it breaks down the Amazon settlements so that Sales, Fees and COGS are properly matched and recorded in the proper period. Literally in a matter of minutes, I had A2X setup and ready to go. I could not be more pleased...it is a tool no Amazon business should be without."

image KaraB
4 June 2017

"After years of processing complex Amazon payments manually including separating them into months so that our P&L correctly reflected sales for each month (and financial year), I was at first sceptical when I was told there would be an app to do this for me. Maybe, but I expected it to be fiddly and tricky and possible not accurate. We found A2X and I decided to give it a go. I couldn't believe how easy it turned out to be. The setup took literally minutes and I had settlements from my five marketplaces through almost immediately. I now need to spend only minutes instead of hours on this process now. Where a payment overlaps two months (why does Amazon do this!!?) two perfect invoices are sent to my invoice drafts. All invoices are perfectly accurate and dated correctly. This really is a life-changing product. Well done A2X. (PS, this is the first real product rating I have ever done -I didn't think twice to give feedback for a product that is giving me back my weekends)."

image Marina Gower
22 Nov 2016

I've been using A2X since 2015 and I don't know where I would be without it. We have 15 Amazon accounts and each month I would spend countless hours manually transferring data from Amazon to our Xero account - A2X has saved me at least 20 hours each month. This saving of time has allowed me to concentrate more on what I'm best at - creating new products to sell on Amazon. Our business would not have grown as much as it has had it not been for A2X. I recently ran into a billing issue (my fault) but it was quickly resolved by Ashley who is always a pleasure to deal with - the customer service is seriously the best around.

image Kerin Lee
7 Jun 2017

"I run a small (minuscule?) business, but definitely don't want to have to spend my "sales" time worrying about creating invoices to match my Amazon sales with my payments received in Xero. This product simply - and efficiently - saves me time."

image Ok2Win Company
2 Dec 2016

"Great service, even BETTER customer service. Highly recommended!"

image Mark Zhang
11 Feb 2017