About A2X

A2X is a fast-growing cloud software app that connects Amazon's marketplace systems with cloud accounting to automate the bookkeeping for Amazon marketplace transactions, through to reconciliation with the bank account amounts received from Amazon. A2X saves time every month for thousands of Amazon sellers and their accountants, in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and world-wide.

Partner programme icon Partner programme

Specialist e-commerce accountants are adopting A2X to automate accounting and reconciliation as the software automation component at the heart of their Amazon seller accounting practices, through the A2X partner programme for accounting firms.

Our vision icon Our vision

The A2X vision is that accurate, reliable, reconciled Amazon marketplace financials should be available to all Amazon sellers, from small businesses to the very largest.

Marketplace leaders

A2X's leadership in Amazon marketplace accounting is endorsed by Amazon sellers and e-commerce accountants, many of whom have posted reviews of their experience with A2X to Capterra, on Intuit's QuickBooks App Store, and to the Xero Business Community.

Google features A2X's scalability and innovative use of cloud computing in a recently published Google Cloud Platform case study. Intuit selected A2X as one of 10 worldwide finalists in its 2017 App Showdown. Xero's accounting solution for Amazon FBA sellers features A2X as the essential Amazon-Xero connector app.

A2X is a member of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council, which offers input to the roadmap and future development priorities for the Amazon marketplace APIs that enable seller software integration.

The A2X story

A2X is founded on ten years of experience working with Amazon's marketplace systems.

A2X founders, software engineers Ashley Schroder and Paul Grey have been selling internationally with Amazon and FBA since 2008, representing over 50 product brands from Australia and New Zealand. With ExportX, they were amongst the first to work with FBA in the USA, UK, Germany, Japan and Canada, and more recently ExportX was part of the Amazon Australia launch.

From the beginning they've encountered first-hand the challenges in accounting accurately for Amazon marketplace transactions. That decade of Amazon and FBA experience, the years of building software connected to Amazon's marketplaces worldwide, provides the foundation of deep expertise upon which A2X is designed and developed, to exacting software engineering standards.

Today e-commerce accountants describe A2X as reliable, accurate and bulletproof. A2X has reconciled to the cent hundreds of thousands of Amazon settlements, and has helped sellers account accurately for over a billion dollars of Amazon sales.

Take it from us

Ashley Schroder

We've engineered A2X to scale to support the very largest Amazon sellers, up to millions of orders a month.

Ashley Schroder
Software Architect
Paul Grey

Years of Amazon experience has gone into designing and testing A2X, so that all Amazon sellers can have accurate financials.

Paul Grey
Executive Director

Who are we

We're a high-achieving international team that works together, from wherever each of us choses to be based. While A2X is headquartered south of Auckland in the scenic New Zealand countryside, none of us wastes time on a daily commute. Some are in New Zealand, other A2Xers are in the USA, in Australia, and in Europe.

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We're hiring

A2X is growing fast. Would you like to be part of the A2X team? Full time, part time, or on a project basis. If you understand Amazon seller accounting with QuickBooks, Xero or other cloud accounting systems, by all means get in touch.

Our software engineering group has opportunities for self-motivated developers experienced in SaaS UI optimisation, Java, Google App Engine, and Amazon MWS.

Our customer success team has opportunities for passionate, smart, professional accounting and bookkeeping experts with a keen interest in accounting software.

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