How it works

Fixing accounting mistakes costs time and money. A2X leaves no room for error, posting your clients' ecommerce sales and fees into Xero or QuickBooks in tidy summaries that reconcile to the payments in their bank account.

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Accountants - how it works

Reliable and accurate accounting, every time

Before - Sleeping after countless hours of work. Before

Hours spent downloading, importing, allocating and reconciling Amazon and Shopify transactions against your clients' bank deposits.

After - Working in harmony After

Reconciling the books is a breeze with organized summary numbers flowing straight into Xero or QuickBooks as soon as it appears.

How A2X works at a glance

Link to Amazon Marketplace, Walmart Marketplace or Shopify store.

Request access to your clients' ecommerce platform or invite them to connect to A2X.

Link to Xero or QuickBooks

A2X connects your clients' Shopify Store, Amazon or Walmart Marketplace to their accounting system in minutes. The A2X team can help you or your client to get set up.

Load and summarize ecommerce transactions

Your client's Walmart, Amazon marketplace or Shopify store transactions are loaded to A2X and grouped to match the payouts to the bank account.

Reconcile your books with ease

Your clients' bank deposits can be easily reconciled with the numbers A2X posts to their accounting system. You can be confident everything will match to the cent.

Use A2X to manage your clients' inventory

  • Easily track profit margins

    A2X matches the cost of goods sold to ecommerce sales to make it easy to track your clients' gross margin.

  • Calculate FBA inventory value

    A2X takes an FBA inventory stocktake each month and calculates the value of your clients' FBA stock for their balance sheet.

The nuts and bolts

  • Request access to your client's Amazon seller account, Walmart seller center or Shopify store, and their accounting system. Then connect it to A2X using simple instructions.
  • You'll receive access to your client's A2X dashboard, when you sign up to A2X.
  • A2X imports Amazon, Walmart and Shopify transactions, allocates them to the correct financial months, and summarizes them to match precisely the Amazon, Walmart and Shopify payments to your client's bank account.
  • Easily reconcile the payments from Amazon, Walmart or Shopify with the numbers A2X posts to QuickBooks or Xero.
  • The corresponding Amazon settlement, Walmart payment or Shopify payout details are attached to the accounting journals, giving you a full audit trail.
  • Connects to any Amazon marketplace, Walmart marketplace or Shopify store worldwide, supporting multiple currencies and tax rates.
  • A2X uses bank-grade encryption and security for your clients' data, and undergoes regular third-party security audits.
  • A2X doesn't change any Amazon, Walmart or Shopify details or settings, and you can disable A2X access at any time.
  • A2X can go back into your clients' Amazon, Walmart or Shopify history too, to give you access to accurate A2X accounting for prior financial periods.

Your success is important to us, too

Expert support, when you need it

The friendly A2X team of Amazon, Walmart and Shopify accounting experts are on hand to help anytime you get stuck. Reach them using the website live chat, or by email at

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Swap and share expertise with the growing community of ecommerce accountants using A2X, and make the most of free training, networking events and marketing promotions for A2X partnered firms - programs designed to help you attract new clients.

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