An Insight into the Catching Clouds Academy for Amazon Sellers

An Insight into the Catching Clouds Academy for Amazon Sellers

Our good buddies at Catching Clouds have created a masterpiece. Something Amazon sellers and their accountants will love.  It is an end to end Amazon accounting course that outlines the hows and whys of Amazon accounting. It is the course for you if you’re using Xero or QuickBooks Online to track Amazon sales, either in the US or internationally.

Tips and Challenges

There are many aspects of the course I respect but the biggest one has to be that Patti and Scott have learned by doing, and often the hard way, and they share these experiences throughout the course. The course highlights many tips and tricks supported by handy spreadsheets and other downloadable tools. It does not leave you hanging by raising an Amazon accounting challenge and then leaving  you to figure out how to deal with it. It helps you address the challenge head on and actually points it out before you travel down the wrong path.

How does the course unfold?

Patti sets the scene beautifully. She calls on her initial attempts to do Amazon accounting with Catching Clouds first ecommerce client back in 2012. She talks us through how the accounting problems evolved and very quickly you get a feel for how not to do it. This alone will save you hours and months of precious time and help define how and where to start. The course goes on to outline how to do it correctly, what tools to use, how Sales Tax works, your accounting system setup ( Xero or QuickBooks Online), Amazon Income and Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold.

What are the reviews saying?

Mike Lindquist is the Chief Buddy from Bookkeeper Buddy states:

Just completed the Amazon course. Wow. Excellent."

Jacob Oberlander from  Jacob I. Oberlander CPA PC has this to say about the course:

I just finished watching “Accounting for Amazon”. I am really impressed by the quality and vast amount of knowledge offered. As a CPA serving many Amazon sellers, I learned many new ideas (CoGS in A2X is a real game changer) and got additional clarity on concepts that I deal with day-to-day. This course is chock-full of useful and practical info and a must watch for every Amazon seller. I’d recommend for every accountant to watch as well!"

So for those of us working in the Amazon seller accounting space, you may be a start up company or an experienced seller or accountant, this Amazon accounting course is defiantly well worth investing the time in. To find out more about the course, go here and use the following code to receive a 5% discount on the total cost of the course:


Happy learning!

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