The Best Amazon FBA Podcasts you need to be listening to in 2019
Jun 3, 2019

The Best Amazon FBA Podcasts you need to be listening to in 2019

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Expand your knowledge, grow your business

Whether you’re a podcast virgin or an in-the-know regular, there’s no denying podcasts are a great tool for Amazon FBA sellers. In a matter of minutes you can learn about the latest update or a new marketing tactic, get inspiration and advice – all while working at home or driving the kids to school.

We’ve put together a list of the podcasts you should be listening to in 2019 to expand your knowledge and grow your Amazon FBA business:

  1. My Wife Quit Her Job (Steve Chou)

Steve Chou and his wife Jennifer regularly feature in ‘best podcast lists’ and it’s easy to see why. The podcast is an interview-based show, focused on sharing insights and advice from other small business bootstrappers.

Thankfully, Steve has categorised his huge backlog of podcasts by topic – everything from Amazon, ecommerce and productivity to SEO, social media and software – so you can easily find the expert advice you need.

Background: When they found out Jennifer was pregnant with their first child, the couple’s primary concern was financial security – especially if Jennifer was to quit her day job. Using Steve’s knowledge of small business ownership (gained from his graduate studies) – and Jennifer’s financial adeptness – within 12 months their online store Bumblebee Linens was earning enough to replace Jennifer’s $100k salary.

  • The Amazing $eller (Scott Voelker)

Another regular chart-topper, Scott Voelker’s The Amazing $eller is specifically for Amazon FBA private labellers. The entrepreneur-at-heart says his podcast is his way of helping others by sharing what he’s learned.

If you’re an entrepreneur that thrives on education and information, you’ll appreciate Steve’s in-depth approach.

Background: After a career start in construction, Scott has had many side hustles over the years, but his most successful have been a portrait studio, and an online business called New Portrait Biz, selling photography information products.

  • The Private Label Movement (Jonathan Gabriel – formally Kevin Rizer)

If something becomes so big it starts calling itself a movement, you know it’s good! With tens of thousands of loyal listeners, The Private Label Movement has become known as THE source of information and inspiration for selling on Amazon, ecommerce and entrepreneurship.

Background: In 2016, Amazon private label seller Kevin Rizer started this podcast after his hobby online store turned into a multi-million-dollar empire. It’s frequently one of the highest-rated Amazon-related podcasts, attracting some of the biggest and brightest names in the ecommerce game to share their success stories, tips and tricks. The show is now hosted by Jonathan Gabriel, whose entrepreneurial career started at the tender age of 13 as a golf caddy. His private label business has grossed in excess of $15 million in sales.

  • AM/PM Podcast

Manny Coats started AM/PM Podcast when he first started selling on Amazon in December 2015. His goal was to hit $250k in sales in one year – he hit that times six, selling over $1.6 million of his private label products through Amazon FBA.

The AM/PM Podcast is well-known for its refreshingly fun and entertaining take on making it in the ecommerce industry.

Background: This guy is all about online business and Amazon. He’s the mastermind behind Helium 10, software for Amazon sellers. His first online business was the world’s largest and most visited humour site, he’s founded or co-founded several online marketing, sales and PC software companies, and started a mobile game development company.

  • Viral Launch – Follow the Data (Casey Gauss)

Data-geeks – this one’s for you. Amazon expert, technical specialist, Viral Launch founder and CEO Casey Gauss uses data as an anchor for the show, to help you dive deeper into your own Amazon business. He discusses the latest Amazon updates, selling strategies and best practices, based on his company’s experience launching tens of thousands of products across different brands.

Background: Viral Launch is an Indianapolis-based tech company that provides innovative software and creative services to Amazon sellers. Casey founded the company when he was 21. His obsession with Amazon market philosophy has helped a huge (and growing) number of Amazon businesses achieve success.

  • The Jason & Scot Show (Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg and Scot Wingo)

The 6 o’clock news version of a podcast. The Jason & Scot Show is a weekly podcast focused on the latest news and events from the ecommerce and digital retail industry. Jason and Scot originally served on the Board of Directors together – this podcast is a way of continuing the conversations they had after their board meetings, but on a much larger scale.

Background: Jason Goldberg is chief commerce strategy officer at Publicis, and Scot Wingo is CEO of Spiffy (on-demand car care) and founder and executive chairman at Channel Advisor. Between them these retail industry veterans have a ton of knowledge and experience. Fun facts: Scot has successfully launched four start-ups and exited three (so far) while Jason, amongst many other things, has been voted one of retail’s top global influencers by Vend four consecutive years in a row.

  • Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast (Kate Valentine)

Get insider tips and tricks for Amazon FBA straight from those who know Amazon the best. The Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast is the only podcast for Amazon sellers that delivers content exclusively from former and current Amazon employees, bringing third party Amazon merchant insights to running your business.

Background: Kate Valentine’s experience as a TV journalist and reporter gives her the skills to bring this podcast to life, covering all aspects of understanding how to build a successful Amazon business.

  • AMZ Secrets (David Aladdin)

Lastly, if you’re looking for something that’s more advanced – give AMZ Secrets a go. This podcast isn’t for beginners. It’s focussed on deep knowledge and advanced discussions about selling strategies on Amazon. The show’s guests are experts in their respective fields – everything from professional sellers and business leaders to designers and developers – and there’s a real push for actionable advice, with topics that cover everything within the Amazon eco-system.

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