Google Cloud features A2X for 'Innovative use of GCP'
Nov 21, 2017

Google Cloud features A2X for 'Innovative use of GCP'

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A2X has been built to scale up to support accounting for hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers, including the largest Amazon sellers who deliver in excess of 100,000 orders every month. At A2X we’re incredibly proud of the architecture we’ve built on top of Google’s Cloud platform and delighted to have been recognised in a recent Google Cloud case study: “A2X: turns to Google Cloud Platform to help eliminate accounting complexity for Amazon sellers”.

Innovative use of GCP has positioned A2X to scale to support accounting for thousands of the largest Amazon sellers worldwide.

To have Google identify A2X for it’s technical expertise on the Google platform is a huge vote of confidence. The case study puts us in great company with huge businesses like Spotify, Coca-Cola, and Best Buy also being featured by Google: The case study highlights two aspects of A2X architecture that help with scaling to support many large Amazon sellers. Firstly we use a multi-tiered storage: starting with fast, short-term memory caching, then a persistent, fast Datastore and lastly a slower, but much larger distributed filesystem called Google Cloud Storage. This multi-tier approach allows fast performance - but also almost limitless storage capacity. Secondly, A2X takes advantage of Google Cloud’s TaskQueue service, which allows large, heavy processing operations to be broken into many smaller parts and processed in parallel, often across dozens of servers. This ensures a large number of Amazon sellers or Amazon sellers with high order volume can be handled by A2X. In addition to the use of Google’s Cloud for delivering the A2X software service, our A2X team uses Google’s GSuite to collaborate with email, documents/spreadsheets and storage tools that enable our remote team to work together across multiple countries and timezones. The Google platform has supported A2X well and we continue to prototype cutting-edge software solutions using the services Google provides such as BigQuery and Data Studio for next generation reporting and visualization. PS: If you’re interested in building A2X, email me:, I’d love to talk nerdy!

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