12 Day of Christmas with A2X and EmuJoy

12 Day of Christmas with A2X and EmuJoy

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If there’s any year worth celebrating early, it is 2020!

Here at A2X, we get to work with ecommerce businesses (and their bookkeepers) from such a diverse range of backgrounds. While our conversations are usually around helping these people to automate their accounting, we are often amazed by the ideas we hear about and the passion behind them. So, this Christmas, we wanted to share a little bit of that magic with you. 

In this series, we spotlight some of the interesting things our sellers are doing, sharing their tips, tricks and stories so that we can learn from and support each other.

On the first day of Christmas: EmuJoy

First up, we have a perfect stocking filler for you. The On the Go Soother Stick from EmuJoy is an all-natural, compact “multi-tasking first aid stick”. EmuJoy have been an A2X subscriber through Bookskeep for some years now, and recently, we got to try this product. As soon as we did, we were sold. No more chapstick, lotions, itchy bug bites or irritated skin - even good for those needing to wear face masks all day. 

In this sweet video, Carole Rains, the founder of EmuJoy, tells her story about discovering the benefits of emu oil from an unlikely source. She dug deeper and uncovered a host of testimonials from people who had a variety of skin conditions and found relief using emu oil. 

We have gotten to know Carole well over the years and she has kindly offered readers keen to try EmuJoy products a 10% discount on both the On the Go Soother Stick, and the Banished Chapped Lips stick. 

Use the promo code A2X at checkout to redeem. 

Coming up next

We love hearing stories about clients turning their passion to products. On the second day of Christmas, we will be hearing from Sophie, the founder of Honua Bars who loved shampoo bars but discovered an opportunity to do things differently.

Honua Bars are naturally nourishing, fabulously foamy and long lasting shampoo and conditioner bars. They are eco friendly, sustainably sourced and plastic free.

Stay tuned to find out more!

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