The New A2X Sidebar Navigation: Coming December 15th, 2023

The New A2X Sidebar Navigation: Coming December 15th, 2023

Say hello to the new A2X Sidebar Navigation.

The A2X sidebar navigation isn’t just a new feature — it’s a way to streamline how you manage and switch between your accounts. Our new sidebar nav comes packed with features to boost your productivity:

Account Overview: Sitting at the top of the navigation bar is the ‘Account Overview’. This will take you to a list of your accounts and who has access to each.

Current Account: Pinned at the top is the account that you’re currently using. 

Quick Search: No more sifting through a clutter of accounts. The search feature is now prominently placed at the top of your account list, allowing for quick navigation.

Accounts at a Glance: See all your accounts neatly displayed with unique sales channel icons next to the names so that you can identify them instantly.

Trial Accounts Highlighted: Spot your trial accounts in a snap; they’re clearly marked with a “trial” icon.

Seamless Account Creation: Ready to add a new account? No need to scroll endlessly. The ‘create new accounts’ option is situated at the bottom-left corner, where setting up a new sales channel is just a few clicks away.

Never Miss an Invite: Keep track of any pending account invitations with ease. They’re now prominently displayed and, with a simple click, you can view and accept them right away.

The sidebar nav is the result of extensive feedback and testing. We listened, we learned, and we’ve delivered a navigation experience that meets your needs. The new A2X sidebar navigation is more than an update — it’s a testament to our commitment to providing you with an interface that is not only functional but also a joy to use. So, dive in and take control with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

The new sidebar nav will be rolled out from 18th December. If you would like early access, login to A2X in a separate tab, and then click on this link. We can’t wait for you to experience the difference. 

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