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Introducing A2X and QuickBooks Online
Automated Amazon Marketplace Accounting

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Have A2X summarize your Amazon sales and fees and
post transactions automatically to QuickBooks Online.

A2X + QuickBooks Online

A2X gives Amazon sellers automated accounting by posting easy-to-reconcile summarised journals to QuickBooks.

Account for your Amazon marketplace income and expenses quickly and easily in a familiar, QuickBooks way.

Thousands of Amazon sellers and their accountants use A2X to account for Amazon sales, fees, FBA inventory and cost of goods sold.

Watch How A2X Works With QuickBooks Online In Under 2 Minutes

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks makes online accounting easy.

  • Organize everything in one place.
  • Record your sales and get paid 2x faster.
  • Keep track of money you spend.
  • See how much money you're making.

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