"Until now, there hasn't been an automated Shopify accounting tool that we would trust for our ecommerce accounting practice. Other integrations post inappropriate detail or the wrong information or they fail the reconciliation. A2X for Shopify provides us with a fast and accurate Shopify accounting connection that we can trust."

Scott Scharf,
Founder, Catching Clouds,leading ecommerce accounting firm

Why use QuickBooks Online + A2X for Shopify?

Summarized vs Individual order import

Importing individual orders into QuickBooks Online can clog your accounting system and makes reconciling to your bank account painful. A2X generates summarized statements matched to each Shopify Payout summary, ensuring penny perfect reconciliation in Xero each month.

Save hours of reconciling each month

Never waste another second manually reconciling your Shopify payouts and pulling out your fee, refund or adjustment data. A2X automates that manual process into a few button clicks each month, turning what took hours into a few seconds.

Bridge the data gap for accurate bookkeeping

A2X brings through and allocates all your stores data into QuickBooks Online to ensure your business has reliable and accurate financial data you can rely on.

How A2X works

A2X imports all of your Shopify transactions

All of your sales, fees, refunds and other adjustments, and Shopify Payments payouts.

A2X summarizes the amounts and posts to your accounting system

Summarized accounting, recommended by leading specialist e-commerce accountants, protects QuickBooks Online from the risk of being swamped by the unnecessary detail of all the individual orders, and gives you an accounting process that will scale as your e-commerce business grows. A2X will automate your Shopify accounting, whether it's hundreds of orders, or hundreds of thousands of orders.

Reconciles perfectly to your payouts

The accrual accounting records posted by A2X reconcile to your Shopify Payments bank deposits, so that you know everything has been accounted for accurately.

Why do e-commerce accountants & Shopify store owners trust A2X

Easy to setup

It takes two minutes to set up, then A2X generates payout summaries that reconcile each time a payout hits your bank account.

Accuracy you can rely on

Enjoy accurate accrual accounting for your Shopify sales, fees and refunds. Posting is automatic for QuickBooks Online.

100% customizable

Control the mapping of each transaction type into your chart of accounts, so you can customize A2X to your preferred accounting setup.

No risk to your financial data

If need to adjust your chart of accounts, or accounting configuration, A2X's statements are easy to reverse, reconfigure and re-post without risk to your financial data integrity.

Expert support

Shopify accounting experts on hand to help you out with your A2X for Shopify setup.

Multi-channel & multi-currency support

A2X for Shopify supports all your Shopify stores, in any currency, including multi-currency stores and stores offering more than one method of payment*.

* Full reconciliation may not be supported for all methods of payment.

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"Simply can't do without it! For Shopify Stores and QuickBooks users this is a must-have piece of software."
Luca F.
Large FBA Merchant

"I've been so impressed with A2X for Amazon that we've implemented A2X for our Shopify store. Existing apps and integrations to move Shopify's sales data into QuickBooks online are on two ends of a spectrum - low cost with limited functionality or expensive with high functionality - but nobody has built anything until now for those sellers that are in-between. A2X for Shopify pulls in all of the sales and revenue data that we would expect based on our experience with A2X for Amazon."

Peter Richardson,

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