A2X is officially a member of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council

A2X is officially a member of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council

We’re excited to announce that A2X will be participating in the new Amazon Marketplace Developer Council. The developer council consists of a group of developers and organizations that extensively use the Amazon Marketplace APIs to create useful software apps for Amazon sellers.

Through participation in the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council, A2X will be offering input towards the roadmap and future development priorities for the Amazon marketplace APIs.  

Amazon Marketplace Developer Council

What does this mean for the future of Amazon?

By soliciting input from the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council on the roadmap and future API development priorities, Amazon is showing its commitment towards having the best technology out there, and dedicating significant resources towards third-party integrations.

Software such as A2X that solves real-world problems makes the seller experience easier and helps to strengthen Amazon’s position as the leading global online marketplace. We hope that by providing input into the future development of Amazon’s Marketplace APIs through the Developer Council, we can contribute towards a more integrated and automated future for Amazon sellers.  

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