Introducing the New A2X Partner Program

Introducing the New A2X Partner Program

Supporting accountants and bookkeepers at every stage of their ecommerce journey

When A2X was founded in 2014, our mission was simple: build a world-class ecommerce accounting solution that provides accurate, automated revenue reconciliation for businesses selling online.

Fast forward to our first hundred customers (~2015), we realized that although A2X provided an essential ecommerce accounting solution, many were hungry for more financial advice. Even though they (now) had accurate financials for their Amazon, Shopify, and other sales channels, they needed support from expert ecommerce accountants and bookkeepers to help them make sense of it all.

A2X + expert accountants and bookkeepers = ecommerce financial success

These days, we know that the real magic happens when you combine the best ecommerce accounting technology with expert accountants and bookkeepers. 

That’s why we’re proud to partner with leading ecommerce accounting and bookkeeping practices like Acuity, AVASK, Bean Ninjas, BDO, Bookskeep, CronosNow, Elver Ecommerce, Financly, LedgerGurus, Outserve Web, VM Wasek, and many more.

These partnerships came about fortuitously and grew organically over the years. They helped A2X meet the demand for accounting support from businesses selling online. Nearly a decade later—and with over 1 billion journal entries reconciled— our partners, with A2X, have enabled the financial success of thousands of ecommerce businesses.

But demand has continued to grow as more businesses than ever are selling online. To meet this influx, we’ve decided to formalize our partner program to; 1) better support our existing partners and 2) enable the next generation of ecommerce accounting experts.

Rising tides raise all ships, and that’s why we’re proud to announce the new A2X Partner Program—supporting accountants and bookkeepers at every stage of their ecommerce journey so that they can enable the financial success of ecommerce businesses around the world.

Say hello to the (new) A2X Partner Program 👋

We’ve been working closely with A2X partners to collect feedback on what makes a great partnership. Through those conversations, we designed a partner program to help accountants and bookkeepers at every stage of their ecommerce journey – whether supporting a handful of clients or going all-in on ecommerce. 

We focused on four key pillars, strategically spread across the different stages in the A2X Partner Program:

  • Education resources to build ecommerce accounting and A2X expertise
  • Product quality to deliver exceptional client experiences with numbers they can trust
  • Growth opportunities to attract new ecommerce clients
  • Best-in-class support to work through client challenges and enable scale

What are the A2X Partner Program stages and their benefits?

Community Partner (1-4 clients)

Start your journey as an A2X Community Partner. You’ll get access to training, education, support, and community in this tier. 

Benefits you’ll unlock as a Community Partner: 

Bronze Partner

As a Bronze Partner, you’ll unlock resources to help build a foundation to scale your ecommerce accounting and bookkeeping niche.

Benefits you’ll unlock as a Bronze Partner 

Everything in Community, plus: 

  • Dedicated Account Manager 
  • Listing on the A2X Directory 
  • Bronze partner badge
  • Bronze partner announcement 
  • 10% discount across all A2X subscriptions your practice pays for

Silver Partner

As a Silver Partner, you’ll unlock resources, community, and co-marketing opportunities that will take your ecommerce accounting and bookkeeping niche to the next level. 

Benefits you’ll unlock as a Silver Partner 

Everything in Bronze, plus:

  • Co-marketing opportunities 
  • Silver partner badge 
  • Silver partner announcement 
  • A2Xpert eligibility 
  • 15% discount across all A2X subscriptions your practice pays for

Gold Partner 

As a Gold Partner, you’ll unlock co-marketing opportunities to attract more clients and cement your position as an ecommerce accounting and bookkeeping leader. 

Benefits you’ll unlock as a Gold Partner

Everything in Silver, plus: 

  1. Gold partner badge
  2. Gold partner announcement 
  3. List your practice in A2X onboarding emails 
  4. Eligible for featured listing
  5. Beta programs and early access to features 
  6. 20% discount across all subscriptions your practice pays for  

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