How Financly Get The Biggest App Bang For Their Bucks

How Financly Get The Biggest App Bang For Their Bucks

Are you keen to know how the experts choose which accounting apps they use?

Perhaps you have a few integrated already, and want to manage them better?

Check out how Financly’s team get the most out of their apps.

How To Achieve The Perfect App Stack

Over the last seven years, sisters Connie and Teresa have built their very own virtual bookkeeping firm, Financly

With over 35 years of experience in the world of bookkeeping and accounting, they knew they wanted to begin their own journey. 

Connie and Teresa knew it was crucial to have a tech stack that would help automate tedious tasks and simplify processes, creating more time for the jobs they love. But, with so many different tools out there, how did they make their ‘perfect’ app stack? 

It all starts with learning from other peers and experts within the field. Teresa and Connie would attend conferences that would help guide their decision on what tools and software to use. They would utilize the communities within these conferences to get advice and recommendations from others about what tools they use. 

In addition to in-person gatherings, Teresa explained that they joined Facebook groups to hear about other suggestions. All of the outside knowledge and research allowed them to create a perfect tech stack for both their clients and their staff. 

Getting The Most Out Of Every App

Once the sisters decided what they needed and began implementing, they continued to have a systemized approach.

Teresa explains that:

“One thing that happens is app overload. We see the next shiny new tool and it’s like ooo we can use this!” 

This can result in the company paying for a number of apps without optimizing and maximizing the potential of each. 

Once a year, Teresa and Connie sit down and complete an annual app review for each app their business is using.

They ask questions such as:

  • What apps have they subscribed to? 
  • How are they maximizing them? 
  • Are their team members using them? 
  • How is it solving problems? 
  • What are the costs involved? 

This yearly review allows the sisters to figure out whether they’ve got gaps, overlaps, and missed opportunities in their systems. They can save money and ensure all investments are spent wisely.

How have you curated your perfect tech stack?  What apps do you subscribe to? 

Check out how to create your own ecommerce tech stack with our dedicated guide.

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