Introducing A2X's Amazon Summary Report | Available in Beta

Introducing A2X's Amazon Summary Report | Available in Beta

The Amazon Summary Report on A2X is now available in Beta!

This new report is our latest innovation designed to make Amazon bookkeeping and reconciliations even more accurate.   It allows you to easily compare your Amazon data with A2X, identifies discrepancies, and gives you absolute confidence your numbers tie back. 

It’s the best thing to happen to Amazon accounting… well, since A2X. 

Watch the webinar recording below to get more details about the Amazon Summary Report.

Why we developed the Amazon Summary Report

Reconciling all the Amazon ecommerce transactions that make up your deposits in QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, or NetSuite can be time-consuming and complex – and that’s where A2X comes in. But given that data is flowing through multiple systems, discrepancies can occur. 

With the Amazon Summary Report, you can now quickly identify any discrepancies in data between Amazon Seller Central, A2X, and your accounting software – giving you 100% confidence in your accounting accuracy.  

This market-leading report reinforces A2X’s commitment to accurate financial reporting. We care about the accuracy of your data so much, we built a report to provide a way to check that your numbers are correct every time.

Benefits at a glance

The Amazon Summary Report provides several key benefits:

  • A commitment to accuracy: It verifies that all your Amazon transaction data is accurately captured in A2X.
  • Ease of comparison: It allows for easy comparison of data across Amazon Seller Central, A2X, and your accounting software.
  • Simplified reconciliation: It is designed to make reconciliations quicker and more reliable, saving you time and effort.

How to access the report

The Amazon Summary Report is currently in beta and available to all A2X users.

To access it:

Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Beta Features’ within your A2X Amazon account.

Click ‘Join Beta’ for the Amazon Summary Report feature.

Find the report under the ‘Reports’ menu.

This feature supports selecting a date range (up to 92 days), choosing your marketplace, and includes settlements processed post-January 1, 2024. Older settlements may require a refresh.

Learn more about the Amazon Summary Report on the A2X Support Center..

While it’s currently open to all users in beta, we may adjust access based on subscription plans in the future. 

We want your feedback!

The Amazon Summary Report is built to add an extra level of accuracy to your reconciliation process. While the report is available for all users in Beta, we invite you to try out this new feature and share your feedback.

Should you need assistance or wish to provide feedback, our Customer Success team is here to help. Reach out via the chat icon on your screen or at

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