Announcing the Costs Auto-Import from a Google Sheet

Announcing the Costs Auto-Import from a Google Sheet

You can now automatically update your SKU costs in A2X by pulling from a Google Sheet. This is a great way to save time, by not having to manually update SKU prices in A2X each time they change. This feature is applicable to all users with A2X COGS enabled. COGS is available on all A2X plans, excluding the mini plans.  

All you need to do is create a Google Sheet with the cost data for your SKUS and then add this link to A2X. Each time you update the SKU price in the sheet, it will also update in A2X. 

The Google Sheet will auto-populate in A2X once a day if changes are detected in the sheet. 

If you’re like to set up the Costs Auto-Import, visit this support article.

A2X COGS autoupdate

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