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Oct 26, 2021

Shopify Gift Cards (Beta)

Overview The A2X Shopify Gift Card monthly report provides an accumulated total of all Gift Cards Sold, Issued, Expired or disabled. These are four Gift Card actions that need to be accounted for: Selling Gift Cards - A2X accounts for these in sales and tags them as gift card sales. This report will also display this value. Using Gift Cards - A2X accounts for these as sale via Gift Card gateway.

May 6, 2021

Notifications - Changes to the way A2X Notifications are managed

What has changed? The team at A2X have been working hard to improve the way Notifications are managed. Here’s what you need to know: Notifications are now managed at user level not at an account level. You can however override these user level settings at an account level.  Notifications are now displayed within A2X AND you have the option to receive them via email either daily, weekly or disable email notifications altogether.

Mar 8, 2021

COGS UI Preview Program

Great news for A2X users with COGS enabled!** We are now Preview Testing our new COGS User Interface. As a member of the preview program you will have early access to review and provide direct feedback on the new COGS User Interface. If you would like to be a part of this preview program please let us know by reaching out to contact@a2xaccounting.com and letting our team know you are interested.

Feb 25, 2021

Sign up for the A2X for Etsy beta program

The A2X team has been working very hard in the background to bring you A2X for Etsy! Our team would like to extend a welcome to you and anybody else in the ecommerce community to join the preview program before we go live. When you sign up for A2X for Etsy preview program, you will receive early access and it is free for 3 months. We have a few slots left so get in quick before they’re gone!

Feb 11, 2021

eBay - Ability to Allow eBay Account Owner to connect to eBay

We have just made it a little easier for eBay account owners to connect to A2X (if they are not setting up A2X). When you sign up for eBay you can choose to select ‘I am requesting access to an eBay Seller Account’. When this option is selected you will be able to enter the seller’s name and sellers email address. They will be notified and can make the connection to A2X.

Feb 11, 2021

eBay Multi-Channel Sellers - Transactions Now Include Sales Channel Mapping

Good news for eBay multi-channel sellers Your eBay transactions will now include the eBay sales channel they relate to. For example Sales will now be shown as Sales ebay.com or Sales ebay.co.uk. The change applies to any new payouts. You can refresh older payouts to apply the changes retrospectively if you wish to. For more information about this change check out Step 4 - Set up Account and Tax mapping

Feb 5, 2021

Auto-Posting COGS is now available

We have some good news - you can now autopost your Cost of Goods Sold for each payout or settlement** A2X users can now auto-post COGS over to your accounting system. This can be found in ‘Settings’ > ‘Auto-Posting’. To enable this feature ensure all your product costs are assigned for a Settlement period then the COGS can be auto-posted. By default A2X will not post to your accounting system unless you action it.

Dec 18, 2020

Multi Channel Price Plans now able to be easily set up and viewed

Multi-Channel Plans Self Service** For those of you who are on the Multi-Channel/Country Amazon and Shopify plans and the Premium Price plans, your billing screen will now display the plans you have linked together. It will also allow you to link new ones from the billing screen should your plan allow for extras. FIND OUT MORE To find out more read Multi-Channel Subscriptions or Multi-Channel Premium Subscriptions

Sep 25, 2020

Partner Summary Page Now Available

A2X Partners - Summary page designed for accountants and bookkeepers who have multiple clients We have just made managing your A2X accounts a little easier. Check out the new partner summary page which will display all your A2X accounts, how many Amazon, Shopify and Walmart accounts you have, price plan summary, order volumes and much more. To be able to view your summary page simply contact partners@a2xaccounting.com FIND OUT MORE To learn more about the partner summary page see our support article: Partner Summary Page Overview

Aug 12, 2020

A2X now supports Sign in with Intuit

QuickBooks users can now sign-in to A2X using their Intuit account If you have an Intuit account and use it to access QuickBooks, you can now use the same login for accessing your A2X account. If you use the same email address, A2X will offer to switch your login option when you sign in. FIND OUT MORE To learn more about Sign in with Intuit see our support article Using ‘Sign in with Intuit’ with A2X

Aug 12, 2020

Add Support for Amazon.sg and Amazon.ae

New Amazon markets added to A2X: Amazon.sg and Amazon.ae In this release we have added support for two new Amazon marketplaces: Amazon.sg for Singapore and Amazon.ae for UAE. If you sell on these marketplaces you can connect your Amazon seller account and the marketplace settlements will import automatically. About the Marketplaces Amazon.sg is denominated in SGD currency and located in Amazon’s Asia region. Amazon.ae is denominated in AED currency and is located in Amazon’s EU region.

Aug 12, 2020

Improvements to Two Types of Shopify Transaction Descriptions

In this release, we have made improvements to the transaction descriptions for two types of Shopify transactions: CurrencyConversionRounding - This is the amount of minor rounding that is sometimes applied in Shopify for orders where the customer is paying in a different currency. DiscountTax - This is the amount of tax reduced due to discounts. What does this mean for customers with these new transaction types?

Feb 17, 2020

Easier handling of Gift Card Liabilities

Purchases of Shopify Gift Cards will now be reported separately from Product Sales so that they can easily be credited to a Liability account KEY CHANGES All gift Card Sales and usage will now be grouped on the Accounts and Taxes page in the ‘Gift Card Liabilities’ section. A new Line Item ‘GiftCardLiability’ replaces ‘ProductSalesNotTaxed - Gift Card’ A2X will recommend or create by default a Xero and QuickBooks Liability Account to account for purchases of Gift Cards and Payments from Gift Cards.