Online Business Saves Time Thanks to A2X, Ahead of Amazon Australia Launch

Online Business Saves Time Thanks to A2X, Ahead of Amazon Australia Launch

Time gained with A2X will be crucial as Amazon launches in Australia.

Kerin* runs a highly successful online business. She had grand growth ideas in the pipeline, but not enough time to set them in motion.

A2X is the automated Amazon marketplace accounting service that Kerin used to win back 20 hours a month and the opportunity to grow her business – fast.

Kerin and her husband have been running their own very successful online business since 2012, selling world-wide from their base in Australia. They sell primarily on Amazon, and in addition have a presence on eBay and sell directly through their own websites.

Their products cover a variety of categories, such as kitchenware, beauty, children’s products, grocery, jewellery and more. Their products range widely in price and are sold to different types of consumers. As a consequence, the sales and marketing effort involved is considerable.

With a turnover of over $1 million AUD, and demand growing across their markets – Australia, USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Russia – they needed an accounting solution to claw back some hours in the week.

As a team of just two, managing the financial data was becoming a huge burden and an obstacle. Bookkeeping was wasting their time and limiting the opportunity for growth. A2X was the solution they discovered.

“Our business would not have grown as much as it has, had it not been for A2X. We were wasting time and I was driving myself insane!”

- Kerin.

Enable Growth and Save 20hours+ a Month

A2X’s automation of Amazon marketplace accounting has saved Kerin 20 hours+ a month.

That’s half a week back every month that she can now focus on vital areas of the business, such as sales, marketing and product development.

Before using A2X, Kerin had needed to manually download numerous complicated sheets of data, enter them into spreadsheets and create journal entries individually in Xero.

The constant risk of error with this download-spreadsheet method is huge. Now Kerin uses A2X, which integrates seamlessly with Xero for accurate, automated accounting for her Amazon sales and fees. It takes a fraction of the time and it means Kerin has the opportunity to concentrate on growing the business and converting those valuable extra hours into revenue. She’s done away with fiddly accounting spreadsheets.

“For ecommerce businesses, finding A2X is like finding gold. I would spend countless hours manually transferring data from Amazon to our Xero account. A2X has saved me at least 20 hours each month.”

A2X Gives Reach to Amazon

Monthly accounting was taking too long, and taking away too much time from running the business.

Kerin currently has eight brands on her books, sourcing products from Australia, the USA and China. With Amazon about to launch in Australia, sales are likely to increase quickly, which means wasting time on manual bookkeeping is not an option.

A2X allows Amazon marketplace revenue and expenses to be aggregated and mapped to the appropriate ledger accounts in Xero. It aggregates sales tax, VAT and GST and prevents any future question marks on accuracy. And for businesses that sell globally, transaction currencies are captured and converted properly by A2X to take advantage of Xero’s multi-currency features.

With A2X and Xero, Kerin also has better visibility on all the costs and fees Amazon charges. By using A2X, she can now focus on exactly where the sweet spots are in her markets.

“I’ve been using A2X since 2015 and I don’t know where I would be without it. We have 15 Amazon accounts and each month this saving of time has allowed me to concentrate more on what I’m best at, creating new products to sell on Amazon.”

Support in Spades

Kerin finds A2X really easy to use, and the simple setup process meant she needed minimal assistance getting started.

The support she did receive was exceptional and she no longer questions the accuracy of her accounting for Amazon sales, as often occurred with her spreadsheet numbers. She has no need to log into those 15 Amazon Seller Central accounts every month for transaction downloads, so she spends less time on bookkeeping.

There’s higher accuracy across the board, and increased visibility of where money is coming in from and going out to.

“A2X customer service is exceptional, it’s seriously the best around. I never question the accuracy of our numbers anymore. Time, to us, is our greatest asset. A2X has saved us a ton of it and given us the opportunity to concentrate on growing our business.”

To Kerin’s delight, she also spends more time designing new products to sell. There’s already been improvement in turnover as a consequence.

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Whether you are an ecommerce business owner or accountant, A2X is designed to save you time and free you up to focus on bigger things.

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*****Kerin requested that her business identity remain confidential.

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