A Complete List of Walmart Product Categories

A Complete List of Walmart Product Categories

With no set-up or ongoing membership fees, a wide customer base and less competition than many other online platforms, Walmart Marketplace has emerged as a major opportunity for ecommerce sellers.

It is important as a seller on Walmart Marketplace that you categorize your items correctly. This not only determines customer experience and visibility, but it directly affects the fees that you will need to pay the platform. For more information on this and how it works, check out their instructional video.

For additional tips and instructions to create optimal listings, see Walmart’s dedicated Seller Help section.

Walmart Product Categories

Below is a breakdown of all available product categories and subcategories on Walmart Marketplace, taken directly from their Categorization Guide. With this guide, you will be able to ensure that your listings are set up for success.

Category: Animal

A pug dog sits on a pile of leaves, the dog is wrapped in a tartan scarf

Animal Other

Includes: pet, equestrian, livestock and animal products. Animal housing and carriers including strollers.

Excludes: equestrian riding gear, professional veterinary supplies.

Animal Accessories

Includes: toys, pet clothing, collars, leashes, crate liners, blankets, aquarium decor, pumps, heaters, feeding accessories, habitat and animal thermometers.

Excludes: animal housing and carriers.

Animal Food

Includes: food, pet food, snacks, training treats.

Excludes: animal health supplements.

Animal Health & Grooming

Includes: health supplements, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical, grooming accessories, waste removal accessories, animal house-breaking sprays.

Excludes: leashes, pet food, professional vet supplies, training collars, habitat or animal thermometers.

Category: Art & Craft

Art & Craft

Includes: crafting, sewing, knitting supplies, collectibles, display accessories, glues, gift/craft tape, modelling paint, paint applicators and tools.

Excludes: musical instruments, appliances (e.g. sewing machines), decor, display, art prints, statues, stationery, professional tape (e.g. DIY/duct tape, electrical tape etc).

A toddler sits on a white chair outside against a red door, the toddler is holding and kissing a swaddled baby

Category: Baby

Baby Diapering Care & Other

Includes: baby and toddler products.

Excludes: medicine.

Baby Food

Includes: baby formula, food, nutrition.

Excludes: non-baby food or beverages.

Baby Furniture

Includes: high chairs, booster seats, cribs, baskets, seats, beds, changing tables, swings, accessories etc.

Excludes: adult rocking chairs, older child furniture.

Baby Toys

Includes: pre-walker, toddler toys (e.g. teethers, rattles, mobiles etc).

Excludes: plush/stuffed toys.

Baby Transport

Includes: child seats, strollers, vehicle seats, carriers.

Excludes: travel cribs, pet strollers.

Category: Carriers & Accessories

Carriers & Accessories

Includes: holders, luggage, travel accessories.

Excludes: animal carriers, baby carriers, instrument cases, cases or bags.

Cases & Bags

Includes: handbags, backpacks, wallets, electronics and camera cases.

Excludes: instrument cases, travel-size health/beauty products.

Category: Cleaning, Safety & Other


Includes: products not covered by other categories.

Excludes: paint and painting supplies.

Household, Industrial Cleaning & Other

Includes: home/domestic cleaning, professional cleaning, janitorial, office cleaning, pest control.

Excludes: healthcare/sanitary supply, cleaning services, automotive cleaning/chemicals, plant cleaners, nail polish remover, paint remover.


Includes: home storage, hauling.

Excludes: food storage.

Fuels & Lubricants

Includes: petroleum, butane, propane, solid, gel, oil, lubricants, de-greasers.

Excludes: cleaning supplies, personal lubricant.

Gift Cards

Includes: redeemable gift cards and certificates.

Excludes: greeting cards, congratulatory certificates without redeemable value.

Safety & Emergency

Includes: personal safety equipment, safety protection equipment, emergency signaling devices, non-lethal personal defense, firefighting products, emergency escape products, chemical and spill mitigation.

A full rack of shirts and coats hang against an exposed brick wall with warm lighting

Category: Clothing


Includes: outer/underwear, swimwear, headwear, neckwear, sportswear, protective clothing, fashion accessories, umbrellas, hand-held fans.

Excludes: non-wearable accessories, baby clothes, handbags/luggage, jewellery, watches, footwear, costumes, cultural/religious wear, wedding clothes, beauty/hair accessories, safety helmets, animal clothes, eyewear, canes.

Baby Clothing

Includes: baby/toddler clothing, socks, booties, walkers.

Excludes: doll clothes, religious (baptism) outfits, carriers, slings.

Category: Electronics

Electronics Other

Includes: consumer electronics, traditional phones (non-cellular/non-smart), smart watches, audio, video, office, networking equipment, video game consoles.

Excludes: tools, movies, music, appliances, cosmetic electronics, cameras, lighting, cell phones, computers, accessories, video displays, games, TVs, projectors.

Cell Phones

Includes: cell phones and smartphones.

Excludes: cases, accessories, computer devices, noncellular phones.

Computer Components

Includes: hard drives, internal hardware.

Excludes: input devices (keyboards/mice/tablets), networking equipment.


Includes: desktops, laptops, tablets.

Excludes: video game consoles, computer accessories, hardware.

Electronic Accessories

Includes: accessories for primary consumer electronics, input devices, headphones, cell phone accessories, computer accessories, blank media, video game accessories.

Excludes: game consoles, software, hardware, cables, standalone devices, speakers, cases, bags, networking equipment.

Electronics Cables

Includes: cords and cables for electronics, power cords, video and audio cabling, computer cabling, video adapters, extension cables.

Excludes: cable ties, cable accessories, electrical wire, tools.

Printers, Scanners & Imaging

Includes: printers, scanners, fax machines.

Excludes: cameras, optical devices, office supplies, film supplies.


Includes: software, apps, operating systems.

Excludes: video games, consoles, accessories, audio or e-books, digital media.

TVs & Video Displays

Includes: TVs, monitors, projectors, imaging devices.

Excludes: computers.

Video Projectors

Includes: video projectors.

Excludes: TVs, video displays.

Category: Food & Beverage

Food & Beverages

Includes: food, beverage, sport nutrition (if categorized by FDA and not a supplement), soft drinks and non-alcoholic mixers.

Excludes: baby food, pet or livestock supply, pharmacy, vitamin/health nutrition supplements.

Alcoholic Beverages

Includes: beer, wine, distilled spirits, fortified wines, coolers, pre-mixed cocktails, non-alcoholic beer and wine.

Excludes: non-alcoholic mixers, soft drinks or non-beverage products that contain alcohol.

Category: Footwear


Includes: footwear, insoles, accessories, sporting footwear, fashion shoes, baby shoes, ski and snowboard boots.

Excludes: socks, hosiery, shin guards.

Category: Furniture


Includes: home, office, religious, outdoor, patio, dining, bistro, pub furniture. Bookcases, tables, beds, frames, futons, mattresses, sofas, chairs, benches, stools, ottomans, TV consoles, entertainment centres, utility tables.

Excludes: camping, baby, music stands, linens, inflatable toys, TV mounts, brackets.

Category: Garden & Patio

Garden & Patio

Includes: garden products, fountains, plants, supplies, outdoor living, decor, tools, power equipment, agricultural equipment, pools, pool supplies, hot tubs, spas, saunas, watering/irrigation.

Excludes: furniture or patio umbrellas, fuels, cleaning supplies, pest controls, seasonal decor.

Grills & Outdoor Cooking

Includes: grills, outdoor cooking and grilling accessories.

Excludes: indoor cooking supplies/utensils.

Category: Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty Electronics

Includes: electronic/battery-powered health/beauty/cosmetic products. Hair dryers, electric razors, toothbrushes, fitness/health/activity monitors.

Excludes: non-electronic products.

Medical Aids & Equipment

Includes: wheelchairs, walkers, canes, ambulatory products, bed pans, catheters, commodes, ADA-compliance products.

Excludes: personal care, beauty supplies, medicines, supplements, electronics.

Medicine & Supplements

Includes: medicinal and health supplements, FDA-labeled nutritional supplements.

Excludes: personal care, beauty supplies, electronics, food, beverages, sports nutrition (unless FDA-labeled as nutritional supplement).


Includes: frames, lenses, sunglasses, bifocals, reading glasses, contact lenses, optical accessories.

Excludes: contact lens solution, eye medicine/ointment/drops, safety goggles/glasses.

Beauty, Personal Care & Hygiene

Includes: cosmetics, fragrance, hygiene, toiletries, beauty aids, contact lens solution, eye medicine/ointment/drops, toothpaste, sunscreen, pregnancy tests, lotion, soap, haircare, body paint, skin pigments, dermal stains/color treatments, nail polish remover, first aid products.

Excludes: medicines, supplements, electronics.

Category: Home

Home Decor, Kitchen & Other

Includes: homewares, home appliances, accessories, kitchen, dining, portable HVAC units (air conditioning, heating, air purifiers), beverage chillers, water dispensers, small appliances, food storage, rugs, clocks, curtains, linens, mirrors, home fragrance, oils, candles, art prints, statues, wall art, hangings, vases, suits of armor.

Excludes: furniture, electrical, patio/garden, cleaning supplies, pest controls, lighting, bedding, curtain hardware, seasonal decor, paint, painting supplies.


Includes: sheets, mattress pads, blankets, pillowcases, duvets, duvet covers.

Excludes: mattresses, bed hardware.

Large Appliances

Includes: refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers, ice makers, chillers, garbage disposals.

Excludes: small appliances, general electronics, portable HVAC units, beverage chillers or water dispensers.

Category: Jewelry


Includes: fine jewelry, precious gems and stones, fashion and costume jewelry, body jewelry.

Excludes: watches.

Category: Media

Books & Magazines

Includes: books (incl. audio and e-books), magazines (incl. digital and online), print media, electronic media, journals and diaries.

Excludes: video games, software, photography, art prints, sculptures, art supplies.


Includes: pre-recorded films and filmed live performances and concerts, film series.

Excludes: TV shows or episodic series.


Includes: recorded albums, songs, live performances.

Excludes: filmed concerts, recorded audio books.

TV Shows

Includes: pre-recorded TV shows and episodic series.

Excludes: movies.

Category: Musical Instruments

Instrument Accessories

Includes: instrument parts/components (pads, strings, keys, valves), supplies, music and instrument stands, lyres, cleaners, capos, tuners, mutes, pop filters.

Excludes: AV cabling, connectors, cases, bags.

Music Cases & Bags

Includes: instrument cases, bags, live sound and recording cases, racks.

Excludes: instrument accessories, stands.

Musical Instruments

Includes: traditional (woodwind, brass, string etc), modern (electronic/synth), musical instruments, percussion sticks, mallets.

Excludes: instrument accessories, stands, parts.

Sound & Recording

Includes: pro audio equipment, speakers, amplifiers, PA systems, microphones, DJ turntables, audio mixers, effects units and pedals, audio compressors.

Excludes: AV cabling, video/projection equipment, consumer electronics.

Category: Occasion & Seasonal

Ceremonial Clothing & Accessories

Includes: cultural, wedding, quinceanera dresses, flower girl dresses, bridal headpieces, christening and baptism outfits, graduation gowns.

Excludes: dress-up, costume, cosplay.


Includes: costumes and accessories for Halloween, dress-up, historical recreation and cosplay.

Excludes: ceremonial, erotic wear.

Decorations & Favors

Includes: party supplies, seasonal home decor, party and wedding invitations, cake toppers, favors and wedding accessories.

Excludes: food, beverages, furniture, cut flowers.


Includes: coffins, urns, grave markers, accessories.

Excludes: cut flowers, stationery.

Gift Supply & Awards

Includes: greeting cards and invitations, trophies, plaques, medials, honorary certificates, gift wrapping, gift bags, boxes.

Excludes: furniture, appliances, electronics, cleaning or janitorial supply, gift cards, certificates, greeting cards, invitations.

Category: Office


Includes: office supplies, paper, stationery, business cards, calculators, laminators, binding equipment and supplies, print ink, toner, staples, paperclips, tape.

Excludes: furniture, appliances, electronics, cleaning or janitorial supplies, gift cards, greeting cards or invitations.

Category: Photography

Cameras & Lenses

Includes: analog, digital, video cameras, lenses, filters, photography optics, aerial drones and surveillance cameras.

Excludes: accessories, stands, parts.

Photo Accessories

Includes: camera parts, film, supplies, stands, cleaners, filters, lights meters, flashes, backdrops.

Excludes: AV cabling/connectors, hard drives, memory cards.

Category: Sport & Recreation

Sports & Recreation Other

Includes: sport toys, equipment, camping, sport health, paintball gear, equestrian riding gear, hunting accessories, shin guards, camping furniture, vehicle towables, motorcycle safety equipment.

Excludes: vehicles, footwear, activewear, sport nutrition/food, photography.


Includes: bikes, cycling accessories (incl. tires and safety equipment).

Excludes: push scooters, ride-on toys, cycling clothes.


Includes: telescopes, binoculars, range finders, sights, other optics.

Excludes: camera lenses, photography equipment.


Includes: firearms, swords, tactical knives, other weaponry.

Excludes: paintball gear, hunting accessories, multi-tool knives, machetes.

Category: Tools & Hardware

Tools & Hardware Other

Includes: general contractor and handyman products.

Excludes: decor, large appliances, electronics, portable HVAC units, garden tools, outdoor power equipment.

Building Supply

Includes: roofing, lumber, molding, windows, doors, sealers, caulk, professional adhesives, tape, household and vehicle paint, paint/varnish additives, removers/cleaners.

Excludes: electrical, plumbing, HVAC.


Includes: lighting, electrical, wire, switches, circuit breakers, fixtures, bulbs, lamp shades, cable ties and accessories.

Excludes: electronic devices, accessories, flashlights, headlamps, electrical tape.


Includes: locks, latches, knobs, pulls, screws, nuts, bolts, cut glass, window screens, curtain hardware, household safety and emergency hardware.

Excludes: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, TV mounts, brackets.

Plumbing & HVAC

Includes: climate control, dehumidification, heating, air conditioning, ceiling fans, plumbing fixtures and components, all supply and waste pipe, fittings, valves, pumps and metering.

Excludes: plumbing tools, HVAC tools, portable HVAC units.


Includes: hand, power and professional tools, components, accessories, painting supplies, flashlights/headlamps, multi-tool knives, machetes.

Excludes: garden tools, outdoor power equipment, materials.

Category: Toys


Includes: toys, play products, plush/stuffed toys, doll clothing, inflatable toys, push scooters, ride-on toys, games, puzzles, toy aerial drones, preschool toys.

Excludes: video games, sporting goods, bikes/cycling gear, arts/crafts, baby/toddler toys, erotic products, paint, painting supplies.

Category: Vehicle

Vehicle Other

Includes: vehicles and accessories, automotive and vehicle cleaning supplies.

Excludes: fuels, lubricants, paint.

Land Vehicles

Includes: automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, trailers, vehicle lights, bulbs.

Excludes: bicycles, tow-behind agricultural equipment.


Includes: vehicle tires.

Excludes: bicycle tires, tools.

Vehicle Parts & Accessories

Includes: vehicle parts, accessories.

Excludes: wheels/rims, components, tires, tools.


Includes: motor boats, jet skis, sailing boats, rafts.

Excludes: towables.

Wheels & Wheel Components

Includes: wheels/rims, lug nuts, spacers, center caps.

Excludes: tires, tools.

Category: Watches


Includes: watches, chronographs, watch bands/watch bracelets, accessories and parts.

Excludes: fitness/activity/health monitors, smart watch electronic devices, jewelry, clocks.

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