Why A2X for Xero Is A Great OneSaas Alternative

Why A2X for Xero Is A Great OneSaas Alternative

There are thousands of ecommerce apps and integrations on the market today all trying to solve problems for sellers.

Whether it’s accounting, fulfilment, customer management, marketing or tax compliance, business owners are able to design a tech stack that perfectly services their unique needs and goals, and removes much of the requirement for human input. 

As much as a customized infrastructure is an incredible resource, having numerous separate apps poses a tricky challenge: How do you get them talking to each other? If they’re not connected properly, it can create a range of frustrations and issues.

Both A2X and OneSaas are connector apps. Where OneSaas allows users to integrate their apps in a range of ways, A2X is specialized for accurately integrating your ecommerce financials with your accounting system. 

It was recently announced that OneSaas has been acquired by Intuit QuickBooks (they are now called OneSaas by QuickBooks). As a result, OneSaas no longer works for Xero users looking to automate their accounting. 

The solution? A2X.

A2X vs. OneSaas: How Do They Compare?

A2X and OneSaas both allow ecommerce sellers to connect their accounting system with their Amazon, Shopify, Walmart and eBay seller platforms.

By doing this, sellers can set and forget. All their orders and transactional information is shared automatically between the platforms and they don’t need to manually enter any data. 

For A2X, that’s just step one.

Designed to solve a different problem, A2X not only connects the platforms but it also organizes the information shared. 

A2X splits out all the income and expense lines that make up a sellers’ bank deposits from their online store, and calculates them automatically. 

Things like sales tax collected, returns received, fees paid, and shipping costs taken are tallied up and catalogued into journal summaries for each deposit. Statements are split by month and accounts organized via the accrual method of accounting. 

In the setup process, you can map out your accounts and taxes so that once you click “Save”, you can rest easy knowing that your accounts will be categorized and displayed based on your instructions. 

Once A2X is up and running, all you need to do is match up the invoices that have been automatically entered in Xero with payments received. One click reconciliation.

Is A2X Easy to Set Up?

The setup process for A2X couldn’t be simpler. Consisting of a few key steps, you can expect a journey that looks like this:

  1. Sign up for your free trial with A2X for Amazon, eBay, Shopify or Walmart. (or a combination of these channels).
  2. Once you’ve created an A2X account, you will see the options in your dashboard to integrate your ecommerce store and your accounting software. 
  3. When you choose to connect your store, you will be asked to log into it and grant A2X permission to access its data.
  4. Next up, connect A2X with your Xero cloud accounting software. You will be asked to log into it and allow A2X to access the information.
  5. Lastly, you will need to set up your accounts and tax mappings so that your blueprint is ready for all incoming data. You can update these at any time. 

Once you have integrated your store and accounting software, you’ll see your A2X dashboard begin populating straight away. 

Simple, easy and seamless. 

But what if you’re not at the beginning of your ecommerce journey? Well, the setup process looks the same. But if you’ve already been using an app like OneSaas, you might be concerned about losing data if you migrate to a new system.

Will I Lose Any Data Switching From OneSaas to A2X?

Nope, you can backdate your books with A2X. 

No matter where you are in your ecommerce journey, whether you’ve used other apps in the past or not, A2X can give you detailed reports of past transactions. 

In fact, accounting firm bookskeep came to A2X for help with exactly this problem. One of their clients wanted to sell their business, but their financial records were not clear and detailed enough to present to potential buyers. In fact, they had almost no records at all. 

By using A2X, bookskeep were able to solve a pretty significant challenge for their client and present them with complete, accurate and presentable financials ready to put on the market. 

Whether you already have detailed financials or none at all, A2X will ensure that everything is captured and organized. And evidently, you don’t need to be a seller to use it - accountants can make their clients’ lives and their lives easier by using A2X. 

Find out more about A2X for accountants here.

Your Free Trial of A2X 

Start your free trial of A2X for your business today and see for yourself how it can help you to achieve accurate, seamless accounting at any stage of your journey.

Choose your platform and follow the link to get started:

To explore a little more about A2X clients and their journeys including accounting firms and bookkeepers, check out our reviews here and case studies here.

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