Xerocon Austin Debriefing

Xerocon Austin Debriefing

We’re back from a fantastic Xerocon in Austin I wanted to capture a few of the highlights now that we’ve thawed out. Who’d have expected snow in Austin, not the locals apparently! Xerocon is always a great opportunity to meet up with our partners and friends in the industry and Xerocon USA is the epicenter for us with Amazon being such a massive part of ecommerce in the US, and specialist ecommerce accounting being a fast growing and important market for accountants. It’s always a pleasure to catch up and talk about future product roadmap plans and marketing initiatives with current and future partners. We’re lucky to have such high calibre, progressive partners to work with. We were thrilled that Rod Drury gave A2X a shoutout on stage during his Xerocon keynote, a huge vote of confidence for this industry and our solution.

Shout out to @a2xaccounting from @roddrury on the stage. Reminder to pay attention to #amazon and its sellers as business goes more and more global. #Xerocon

— Patti Scharf (@PScharfCPA) December 6, 2017

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, visited out booth and was kind enough to take a few selfies with visitors.

If @JeffBezos says it, I believe it. @Xero @a2xaccounting #Xero #Xerocon #Xerocon2017 #XeroConAustin pic.twitter.com/YEMuQmhH7q

— Advisorfi.com (@advisorfi) December 7, 2017

Nice biceps, Jeff. @a2xaccounting @Xero @amazon #xerocon pic.twitter.com/PWfr5YpidJ

— Alena Pauliuchkova (@alena_cpa) December 7, 2017

Have you all met our friend, Jeff Bezos? You can find him at the @a2xaccounting table at #Xerocon ( @catchingclouds rocks) pic.twitter.com/23WpqguPE0

— Patti Scharf (@PScharfCPA) December 7, 2017

Hanging with my buddy @JeffBezos in Austin. @a2xaccounting thanks for the hospitality. @Xero #xerocon pic.twitter.com/Frvyfi8Dpq

— Greg Sheehan (@GregSheehanNZ) December 7, 2017

After the conference, Jeff even stopped off in Denver for a visit with the Xero team there.

Look who visited us in #denver! #jefflovesxero #amazon amazon sellers need Xero (thx Paul & Ashley) @a2xaccounting @Xero @JeffBezos pic.twitter.com/FGXx4lHvGw

— Keri Gohman (@KeriGohman) December 12, 2017

After the end of Day 2 of the conference (but before the big party of course) we hosted an informal Amazon Accounting Meetup bringing the top Amazon accountants in the US, accountants new to ecommerce and interested in ecommerce and even a few Amazon sellers. Scott Scharf was brave enough to field some tough questions from the crowd, giving everyone some insight into inventory and integration best practices.

‘Ahhhh, that’s a tough question!’ Someone stumping @ScottScharf2 @Xero #xerocon pic.twitter.com/oHZUNJ4ZRu

— A2X for Amazon (@a2xaccounting) December 7, 2017

We were delighted with the feedback and response and look forward to hosting more events. Stay tuned for more info on our next event, and join the group if you’re interested in updates. We’ll see you in Atlanta in June!

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