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Information for accounting firms

Get to Know A2X

We aim to provide you, the specialist e-commerce accountant, with the information you need to help your Amazon sellers clients be successful and to explain A2X with confidence. Please contact us if there is other information you would like to see here. If you let us know, we'll do our best to help.

A2X Help Center

If you have any questions don't hestitate to contact us

Our support center has dozens of answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please use our Knowledge Base to search for your answer.

A2X Webinar

Why is A2X a must have tool for Amazon accounting?

Sign up for or free A2X introductory live webinar and find out why A2X is a must have tool for Amazon accounting, learn how to setup your first client and ask questions of our A2X experts. This webinar takes about 30 minutes.

Explaining A2X to your clients

A2X will reconcile to the bank account to the penny!

Understand and explain to your clients what A2X is and the benefits they will experience by using the application. We've put together this helpful fact sheet and a printable brochure that covers all the key A2X points your client needs to know.

Landing Page Info

A2X is the gold standard in Amazon marketplace accounting.

Create an A2X landing page on your website and help position yourself as an Amazon accounting specialist. If you need help with doing this please contact us, we would love to help spread the word.


Getting started with A2X

Come and join us! Watch our series of recorded videos aimed at helping accounting firms get started with A2X. It covers such topics as:

  • How to get started with A2X
  • Connections and Amazon marketplaces
  • How do I set up so I pay the monthly subscription and not my client?
  • How do i work with more than 1 client?
  • Can the client see the A2X account?
  • Can other people in my company see my clients A2X accounts?
  • Mapping transactions and accounts intro

Case Studies

Check out our case studies and see how we collaborate with our partners.

They feature real life Amazon sellers and accountants who are using A2X and experiencing the timesaving, accurate reconciliation and client satisfaction that A2X enables.

Other Training we recommend

Here at A2X we love to help you with our software and Amazon Seller/Xero/QBO integrations but we do not give accounting and tax advice. We highly recommend the courses below for a complete end to end Amazon accounting training course:

Catching Clouds Academy

Sign up for the Amazon accounting course from Catching Clouds!

Learn More

MuseMinded Training Course

In this bundle program, Jeremiah (founder of MuseMinded) will walk you through all of the essentials of setting up your own Xero-based, automated accounting system for Amazon sellers and run the bookkeeping process in just 90 minutes each month.

Learn More

We look forward to adding more great resources to help you manage your clients. Please contact us if there is anything else you need.