How To Sell Your
Amazon FBA Business

The Amazon marketplace is a powerful tool for consumers to find the products they desire, and to break down the barriers for sellers to access customers around the world. Over the past 23+ years, Amazon has evolved from an ambitious online bookseller challenging the traditional bricks and mortar companies to a tech behemoth that has transformed how e-commerce operates. In 2006, the transformational Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service was launched. FBA allows sellers to leverage Amazon's global network of over 100 fulfilment centres and 15 sorting centres to efficiently offer products to consumers all around the world, whilst taking a hands-off approach to the physical operations of their e-commerce business. This provides sellers with favourable access to customers in 185 countries, and is in many ways a 'no brainer' for Amazon sellers. (Link).

This guide assumes that as a reader, you already have a successful Amazon FBA business. However, if you are in the process of developing your FBA business, or thinking about building an FBA business, this guide should provide insight into exit strategies, optimizing operations, and understanding what is required to get to the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Beginning with the end in mind forces you to focus on what matters - to build an efficient and effective machine. We sincerely hope that you find this guide valuable in addressing the specific challenges and capturing the opportunities that you may face in your journey through the world of ecommerce.

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