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How A2X can help your ecommerce clients

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A2X has been working with Jeremiah Kovacs since 2014. Jeremiah is the founder and owner of MuseMinded , an ecommerce accounting firm for small to medium-sized Amazon sellers. 

Today, MuseMinded is a thriving accounting business helping Amazon sellers conquer the financial corner of their business. MuseMinded does this, in part, by teaching sellers how to automate their accounting tasks. 

Empowering Customers

Jeremiah is passionate about entrepreneurship, family and living with intention. 

He wanted to create a business that would provide for his family and at the same time allow him to spend time with them. As part of this vision, Jeremiah wanted to do this for his MuseMinded customers as well.

“I wanted to empower my customers to experience the same freedom that a lifestyle business brings… Freedom to make a good living AND pursue their highest passions.”

- Jeremiah Kovacs

Live, work and create

Automated Accounting For Amazon Sellers

And thus, the MuseMinded mission was born: to help automate the accounting process for Amazon sellers… and more than that, to help turn his clients' accounting into a strategic strength for their business, not just an afterthought to file taxes .

He thinks about how to best set up his accounting systems for his clients carefully.

“I set up highly AUTOMATED accounting systems, so there’s time to do other things. And I’m always tweaking the system to make it more efficient.”

MuseMinded Discovers A2X

In 2014, Jeremiah turned to A2X to help manage his Amazon seller accounting.

A2X fit into his company’s mission statement perfectly, as A2X is completely automated, efficient, reliable, and very simple to use. It also outperforms other account automation software

“When it comes to doing bookkeeping for Amazon sellers, A2X is our non-negotiable tool. In a way, you could say our firm wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for A2X.”

The familiar Amazon seller headaches of reconciling books manually is an issue of the past for Jeremiah and his clients at MuseMinded. 

A2X automatically transfers and accounts for Amazon seller data. With A2X, clients can choose the level of detail they wish to see in their accounting system, making A2X an integral part of helping MuseMinded customers conquer the finances of their Amazon business.

Automation for ecommerce

Why Automate With A2X?

Automating and outsourcing tasks and functions wherever possible is the key to creating an online business that can scale. 

This is true as much for Amazon sellers as it is for any business. You’ll even find account automation in accounting firms. Manually reconciling accounts is out and accounting firm automation is in. 

Automating business functions allows you to remove yourself from the driver’s seat. Creating a predominantly self-managing asset makes your business much more attractive to potential buyers and frees up your time for the more important things in work and life.

“The tool takes one of the biggest challenges of Amazon finances and solves it so efficiently and so reliably, that we were able to build a business model around it. That’s how special and powerful this software is."

Not only does automating record keeping remove an obscene amount of unnecessary work, but it also improves the integrity of your accounts.

A2X for Amazon keeps everything on track, eliminating the possibility for human error. As a result, potential buyers, and also auditors can have confidence in the accuracy of your financial information. 

At the end of the financial year, your ecommerce accountant will be delighted to receive a tidy set of books, which will also likely reduce your compliance costs. It’s bookkeeping brilliance !

Try A2X for Amazon today for free.

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