A2X Joins the QuickBooks Online Solution Provider Program: An Impressive Pairing for Ecommerce Accounting

A2X Joins the QuickBooks Online Solution Provider Program: An Impressive Pairing for Ecommerce Accounting

Since 2017, ecommerce businesses and their accounting partners have trusted A2X to accurately automate their revenue reconciliation in QuickBooks Online. From Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, BigCommerce, Walmart to multi-channel, A2X and QuickBooks Online form an ideal solution for online merchants – with 478 reviews and a 4.7 star rating on the QuickBooks Online App Store. Building upon this success, A2X is excited to join the QuickBooks Online Solution Provider Program.

As a QuickBooks Online Solution Provider Program member, A2X can better support ecommerce businesses that are just starting their accounting journey; by using A2X and QuickBooks Online together for revenue reconciliation and providing 30% off* QuickBooks Online for new customers.

Why do A2X and QuickBooks Online make a great pair for ecommerce businesses?

A2X exists because accurately accounting for online sales in QuickBooks Online can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Ecommerce businesses and their accounting partners need to:

  1. Categorize thousands of transactions from Amazon, Shopify, and other sales channel
  2. Sift through confusing transaction types that aren’t always logically labeled
  3. Manage complex sales tax calculations
  4. Account for multiple payment sources and timelines
  5. Deal with COGS and inventory management complications
  6. Support different currencies, countries, states

With A2X, ecommerce businesses and their accounting partners get accurately categorized sales, fees, refunds, taxes, and more from all their sales channels, automatically posted to QuickBooks Online, and matched to the deposits on their bank feed for one-click reconciliation.

Why ecommerce businesses and their accounting partners trust A2X

A2X doesn’t just transfer data from your sales channels to your accounting software, it first makes sense of the data.

Your transactions are grouped into the correct categories, tax status, and time periods, then batched into summaries that match to the payouts in your bank feed for reconciliation.

A2X is trusted by the world’s leading ecommerce accountants and bookkeepers.

A2X has the strongest network of expert ecommerce accountants and bookkeepers in the world – find one today on the A2X Directory.

A2X has a support team that understands ecommerce accounting​​​.

Many on the A2X support team have a background in accounting or bookkeeping. They’re located all around the world, meaning you can get local assistance in hours, not days.

Whether you’re selling on one channel or many, using payment gateways, or POS, in different currencies, tax rates, states, or countries, A2X has the granularity you need now and into the future as you grow.

There’s no better time to leverage the combined power of A2X and QuickBooks Online. Sign up now to receive 30% off QuickBooks Online* and 20% off A2X for three months, using the code QSPA2X20. 

*Discount is subject to change and are only eligible for new customers. 

About A2X
A2X is an ecommerce accounting app that automates the complex process of reconciling payouts from ecommerce platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, BigCommerce, and Walmart. By integrating A2X with QuickBooks Online , sellers can reconcile their ecommerce payouts in just one click, gain confidence in their numbers, and achieve true financial visibility.

About QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Online is a leading cloud-based accounting software from Intuit that helps businesses manage their invoices, track sales, calculate tax, and organize expenses. It’s trusted by millions of businesses worldwide for its user-friendly interface and robust features.

Integrate Shopify and QuickBooks Online for accurate accounting

A2X auto-categorizes your Shopify sales, fees, taxes, and more into accurate summaries that make reconciliation in QuickBooks Online a breeze.

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